Mathematics Informatics Station (MAINS)

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Experience and understand mathematics and computer science! In 2017, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation opened the MAINS, right near the Heidelberg central train station. Throughout the year, we offer various activities for all age groups such as interactive exhibitions, portrait gallery, film screenings, Science Notes, lectures and much more. Come and see for yourself how exciting mathematics and computer science can be! The MAINS also offers guided tours of the exhibitions for school classes and groups.

The Fascinating World of Mirrors

Since February 12, our new exhibition will take visitors on a fascinating journey through the world of mirrors. At the MAINS, visitors will be able to explore and experiment with interactive mirror exhibits by the Wolfsburger Science-Center phaeno.



Women of Mathematics throughout Europe

A gallery of portraits

Entering the field of mathematics can be difficult, and women often face specific obstacles. “Women in Mathematics throughout Europe” offers special insight and perspective into the world of mathematics. It portrays female mathematicians, their career paths and demonstrates their favorite mathematical formulas.